A great Australian rock record

It’s a sad reflection on the domestic music scene when a band capable of a release like this can be consistently overlooked as our news feeds fill up with gossip about pop sensations with the career lifespans of a gnat.

Electric Mary have been ruling stages around the world for a decade while being criminally ignored here in Australia, to the point that it took a French metal label to release their last album. ‘The Last Great Hope’ is another example of how wrong this situation is, cutting loose with five rollicking tunes that should be blasting from the stereo of every classic rock fan in the country.

‘Sweet Mary C’ is a blues-drenched rocker with Rusty Brown’s Rod Stewart-like delivery giving the song the feel of a classic Faces track. ‘Welcome to the Other Side’ pays homage to Australia’s great boogie rock heritage without sounding like anyone other than Electric Mary and ‘Nicotine’ begins as a smouldering bar-room blues before exploding into a fiery Pete Robinson guitar solo; blazing guitar trade-offs are another highlight of the rambling, brooding ‘Already Gone’, with Rusty once again showing his vocal mastery. Seriously, this is nothing less than excellent rock and roll, capped off with an updated version of III’s ‘So Cruel’ which is just about as perfect a radio rocker one is likely to find. ‘The Last Great Hope’ is such a great Australian rock record that one question need be asked: why is it that Australian rock radio can still play shit like Train and Third Eye Blind every single day with a straight face yet completely ignore songs like these?

1. Sweet Mary C
2. Welcome to the Otherside
3. Nicotine
4. Already Gone
5. So Cruel (2014)