Every track is a sure-fire scorcher

With all the fuss and ado being made about every young “saviours of rock” band that springs up fully-formed every 18 months or so, one thing often gets overlooked – the dozens, nay hundreds, of old school rockers who’ve been keeping the flame alive since forever.

Electric Mary is one of those bands, and Mother is cast-iron proof they haven’t forsaken the spirit of rock and roll. “Gimme Love” enters the fray with a big blues-rock swagger, the perfect  accompaniment to Rusty Brown’s warm rasp, winding up with a ripping guitar solo that takes up about half the track. The next song steps up the pace and the rock factor as Electric Mary pulls on a different guise with every track, from foot-stomping rockers like “The Way You Make Me Feel” to the sprawling blues-rock ballad “Sorry Baby” and the free-styling “It’s Alright”. On the brooding, epic “Long, Long Day” the band slides into a heavy groove, verging on metal territory with its powerful delivery and Mother finishes the way it begins, with a full-on belter in the shape of “Woman”.

It doesn’t matter which gear Electric Mary drops into, every track here is a sure-fire scorcher, resplendent with booming drums, blazing guitar leads and Brown’s blues-soaked rock wail. Forget the pretenders and the up-and-comers: this is an album for lovers of all things heavy and hard.

  1. Gimme Love
  2. Hold Onto What You Got
  3. How Do You Do It
  4. Sorry Baby
  5. The Way You Make Me Feel
  6. It’s Alright
  7. Long, Long Day
  8. Woman