Skating along on former glories

Modern doom can be a very hit and miss affair, and if like Electric Wizard you peaked before this form of music was really ‘cool’ again it can make skating along on former glories a whole lot easier.

That is the feeling that this album carries, and starting on the weakest track ‘See You In Hell’ may not help.  A repetitive riff flows over and over while sparse production adds to the sense of plodding and frankly bores you to the point of skipping along in the hope of something better coming along.

And that it does. ‘Necromania’ is far and away the best track on the album, moving along at a pace a little more akin to their hero’s output. The rumbling bass and fuzzed out guitar sitting on top make for perfect doom metal, and feel more akin to what this band is capable of.

From here the album just plods along, settling back into the pace of the opening track. A few highlights thrown in throughout break up the doldrums, and with more listens there are a couple of tracks that present better. ‘Hear The Sirens Scream’ finishes a lot better than it starts, and while ‘Mourning of the Magicians’ does drag its heels for most of its extended running time, when it finally decides to rock a bit, it really rocks.

Overall the band has always had some charm in their Black Sabbath homage album after album, but here it feels a little too well worn and over played. For those that really love Electric Wizard this album will hit the spot. But for this avid listener I will just go back to more inspired albums in the collection. Or better yet, to the source of all of this kind of music.

1. See You in Hell
2. Necromania
3. Hear the Sirens Scream
4. The Reaper
5. Wicked Caresses
6. Mourning of the Magicians