Different line-up, same band

Emmure might have a completely different line-up behind vocalist Frankie Palmeri, but the same musical style is well and truly intact.

Being a band that has always been hated cannot be an easy burden to bear and on second track ‘Shinjuku Masterlord’ Emmure tackle this head on. Such braggadocio needs to be applauded.

Now including members of bands such as Glass Cloud and The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, I was hoping that some of the over simplistic nature of the band’s music, and in turn leader Palmeri’s vision, would change and introduce some more ‘technical’ elements to the sound. Barring some Korn sounding guitar parts here and there though, sadly nothing has really changed.

Lyrically Frankie is on the attack for the entire album, taking on his former bandmates in ‘Flag of the Beast’ and ‘Ice Man Confessions’. It is a fairly catchy affair, due mainly to the in and out nature of the songs with a few struggling to make it far past the minute mark. The whole album is done in around half an hour. I never thought I would find myself paying this much attention to a band like this and nearly enjoying it. All the standard deathcore elements are there, earth shaking breakdowns, heavy bass-lead song structures. For those who think the new Suicide Silence album was missing something, perhaps this more repetitive screaming/breakdown/screaming and tough guy lyrical approach is what you were looking forward for. If so, put this on your list.

1. You Asked for It
2. Shinjuku Masterlord
3. Smokey
4. Natural Born Killer
5. Flag of the Beast
6. Ice Man Confessions
7. Russian Hotel Aftermath
8. Call Me Ninib
9. Major Key Alert
10. Turtle in a Hare Machine
11. Torch
12. Derelict