A pretty effective collection

With the Tide Comes Destruction is the second release from Perth five piece Empires Laid Waste. Being unfamiliar with their debut, I can’t make any comparison but this latest EP is a pretty effective collection of melodic death metal.

The first two songs are competent enough and establish the band’s thrash-laced death metal style reasonably well. “Banished to the Wasteland” is shorter and faster and features a distinctively frantic vocal but the better tracks come after this. With the slow and ominous opening of “Closer the End”, things get a little more interesting. There’s an catchy old-school thrash vibe about this track and some very cool melodic guitar interplay throughout. “Our Betrayers” has a denser sound with cross-cutting riffs and a nice build up to the solo and “Home Like Hell” is dominated by relentless drumming. The final track shares best song honours with “Closer the End” with its mini-epic structure and hook-ridden riff and melodies, but loses vast amount of points from me for its use of a non-word in its title.

Overall, With the Tide Comes Destruction is a decent offering. The vocals are somewhat one-dimensional and a little garbled on occasion and while the band comes up with some catchy riffs, some songs have near-identical arrangements with similar-sounding outro sections. Still, there’s some good stuff here, and the booklet reminded me of old Warhead Records releases which is totally not a bad thing, although the mistakes were a little annoying. It’s certainly a nice foundation for them to build on.

1. With the Tide Comes Destruction
2. Banished to the Wasteland
3. Closer the End
4. Home Like Hell
5. Our Betrayers
6. Quaken the Earth