Judders back and forth with a fury

Employed to Serve are part of a wave of modern metal and hardcore bands that seem to be brewing in the UK  underground, slowly making headway into the more mainstream heavy music consciousness.

Forgoing any build up, they jump straight into it with the self titled track. As it judders back and forth with a fury that can only be compared to bands such as Converge, Employed to Serve are unhappy with the world they see around them and are armed with a plan to help focus the next generation’s energy as a positive force.

The energy is palpable, oozing an old school heavy dynamic throughout in several different ways, whether it’s the snap of the snare drum or the nu-metal downtuned riffs that drive a familiar heaviness on tracks such as ‘Harsh Truth’ or ‘Force Fed’ or the huge breakdowns peppered throughout the album. Of particular note is ‘Dull Ache Behind My Eyes’ that will have pits opening up in small venues worldwide.

As good as the music, the true focus of this album is on vocalist Justine Jones.  The job she does here is immense, carrying venom and the weight of the lyrics on her shoulders with aplomb. Raw in their delivery, you can almost hear her throat shed in the passionate delivery of every word.

For all the intense moment, there is a small amount of light allowed to shine. The eerie clean guitars that play during the instrumental ‘Saw Tooth Twin’ come as a small but welcome respite towards the centre of the album, whilst the band saves the most light for album closer ‘Bare Bones on a Blue Sky’ that sees the band change tack and use more clean singing and lighter musical elements, before erupting into a complete musical meltdown.

This album is the sound of the next generation, unsure of what their future holds and scared of what may lay ahead for them, whilst also trying to focus on using their voices for a positive change.  If you aren’t up on this band yet, now is time to catch up, before they explode.

  1. Eternal Forward Motion
  2. Beneath it All
  3. Dull Ache Behind My Eyes
  4. Harsh Truth
  5. Sore Tooth Twin
  6. Force Fed
  7. We Forgot You
  8. Suspended in Emptiness
  9. Reality Filter
  10. Owed Zero
  11. Bare Bones on a Blue Sky