Lacking in individual character

Ethereal Realm is a new player on the Sydney power  metal field, one that isn’t exactly brimming with entries theses days.

Enter the Realm is, appropriately, the band’s first recording, featuring four tracks of ritualistic power metal that lays out their intentions without making any spectacular overtures. Reign of the Crown opens proceedings with some 80s style galloping from a track with a sound and style straight out of that era. Watch Us Bleed and Time Machine adds a more aggressive element that leans in a slight thrash direction without ever crossing that line.

Nightmare is where things fall apart for Ethereal Realm. It’s more galloping chug that dates the music to sometime before 1990, and the vocals – which aren’t the strongest element of the band in the first place – go all over the place without ever being convincing.

The songs are all catchy enough, and the musicians hold up their end well.  Power metal has always been the cheesiest of metal’s multitude of genres. That’s perfectly fine and these guys fly that flag well enough, but Ethereal Realm also sound dated and clearly lack – at this early stage of their development – a solid character and identity of their own. For a first effort, Enter the Realm is decent enough, but they’ll need to find their own voice in the future.

  1. Reign of the Crown
  2. Watch Us Bleed
  3. Time Machine
  4. Nightmare