Shows what a wealth of talent they possess as a band

For one of the biggest and most influential rock acts of the past two decades, Evanescence has hardly been the most prolific of bands.

The Bitter Truth is just their fifth album in 18 years and the first to feature new material since their self-titled 2011 release. With arguably the most stable line-up of their career, too, this is the first time Evanescence has ever sounded like an actual band and not just a vehicle for Amy Lee’s histrionics. Indeed, this is as much a showcase for the musicians as it is for the singer. Drummer Will Hunt is huge throughout and Troy McLawhorn and Jen Majura team up on some tough riffing in tracks like Game Over and Better Without You, peppering others with solos here and there.

The electronic splashes, pseudo-industrial elements, melodramatic symphonics and the sheer power and range of Lee’s voice ensure there are plenty of familiar elements, as do enormous power ballads like Far From Heaven and the empowering stadium belter Use My Voice with names like Lzzy Hale, Sharon den Adel and Taylor Momsen helping out. But as the title suggests, this is a dark and bitter release from Evanescence, and Feeding the Dark and opener Broken Pieces Shine are two of the heaviest songs they’ve ever done. The writing and production emphasises a lot more texture, lyrical depth and atmosphere than previous albums that tended to over-rely on the scale of Lee’s voice, making The Bitter Truth a strikingly cohesive album made by a band and not just a savant.

This far into their career, Evanescence might not win over too many converts with this, but The Bitter Truth is a lyrically timely release and one that shows what a wealth of talent they actually possess as a band, and how far Amy Lee has matured as a songwriter.

  1. Artifact/The Turn
  2. Broken Pieces Shine
  3. Game Over
  4. Yeah Right
  5. Feeding the Dark
  6. Wasted on You
  7. Better Without You
  8. Use My Voice
  9. Take Cover
  10. Far From Heaven
  11. Part of Me
  12. Blind Belief