Honed their approach and groove

Evil Eye are one of the prominent bands in a currently very fertile Brisbane heavy music scene. Having already released a successful EP in 2014, the band are now finer tuned and more road worn, something that is on sharp display in the heaviness of this release.

Opening track ‘Change’ builds up with static noise, establishes a false sense of security before everything comes charging out at once, firmly establishing that, despite the length of time between releases, the band has merely honed their approach and groove.

Capturing the density of sludge riffs can sometimes be a difficult thing to do, especially on a local band budget. Evil Eye has managed to do so though, adding to the weight of their music. It isn’t lost either when the band pick up the pace on ‘Letter to Us’ that starts out as a thrash attack before slowing to a treacle-like pace perfectly, vocalist David Miller pushing the song forward, dripping in aggression, before it all takes off again into thrash territory.

‘Board of Egos’ brings the groove back with a guitar tone that pays homage to Pantera, so much so the opening riff almost apes that  famous ‘Walk’ riff. It pushes the envelope, but only for a hot second before the band’s individual sound is writ large again as the track settles into a groove and builds up to a reverse breakdown.

‘Sanctuary’ shows how willing this band is to try things that help their music evolve, with samples atop the most driven beat of this release and low clean sung parts.

Evil Eye  has left it some time to get around to a second EP. But the hard work in the intervening years is obvious. All the hours in rehearsal spaces and on stages up and down the east coast has paid off in spades.

  1. Change
  2. Empty on Thrill
  3. Letters to Us
  4. Board of Egos
  5. Sanctuary