An album for these chaotic times

Eyehategod have always been an explosive band, telling tales through vocalist Mike IX Williams psychotic street poetry layered over warped Black Sabbath riffs and poured through the slickest sludge one could find, music so treacle thick that the band has only managed to release three albums in the last 21 years.

Not without a raft of well publicised personal issues and side projects that have also aided in such a long stretch between album releases, all of this pent up energy always guarantees that the end result melt faces and heal wounds the listener didn’t know they had.

There is no hiding the vitriol being slung about here. It slots straight into the canon of sludge/punk/occasional hardcore the band have made their own since releasing their first album back in 1990 and refining to a complete disruptive artform on its follow up Take as Needed for Pain.

This album is not reinventing a wheel, and nor is it any attempt to. This is the sound of a group tackling their demons head on as always and spitting them back out as the feedback drenched Current Situation and its take on the world as it stands through the eyes of William’ twisted vision. Or the hardcore driven mid section of The Outer Banks, showing that no matter how loud this bark, it’s the bite that will cause damage if you are caught standing still.

The mental images created by Williams’ lyrics have always been what separate this band from rest, and it is the back end of the album where the most fervent scenes are brought to fruition. From The Day Felt Wrong past the jazzy interlude/instrumental and onto album closer Every Thing, Every Day, it all coagulates into a form that can only be described as meanderings on modern America and just how much of a rabble it is in through the eyes of those closest to it.

This is an album for these modern chaotic times, just like every EHG album before it. Holding a mirror up the streets from the gutter, and like it or not it makes for great music that should be absorbed by any set of ears that considers themselves a fan of heavy music.
1. Built Beneath the Lies
2. The Outer Banks
3. Fake What’s Yours
4. Three Black Eyes
5. Current Situation
6. High Risk Trigger
7. Anemic Robotic
8. The Day Felt Wrong
9. The Trial of Johnny Cancer
10. Smoker’s Piece
11. Circle of Nerves
12. Every Thing, Every Day