Interesting cinematic death metal

The Faceless are a band that have managed to remain talked about even though they haven’t released anything substantial musically in 5 years because of changes in members and tour drama. So what have they managed in their absence? Let’s found out.

With a very cinematic opening the spoken word intro sets a dark scene, before the album comes blasting out with ‘Digging the Grave’, a very competent and technical modern death metal track. All is in order here then, until the song opens up and slows down with a clean, almost spoken vocal, adding a sense of foreboding before Ken Sorceron takes his voice in an almost alien direction while the music stays focused in the same cinematic direction courtesy of a horn section and blast beats finishing as abruptly as the track started.

Maintaining this interesting cinematic death metal (a sentence barely uttered before) ‘Blackstar’ keeps the intensity, focusing on a more melodic bent with a driving repetitive riff springing up several times throughout the intense journey to give a sense of grounding within all that is happening musically. This is repeated again to best effect further on the track ‘The Spiralling Void’.

The cover of Depeche Mode’s ‘Shake The Disease’ surprisingly fits with what is going on around it, the band making it their own; meanwhile the less said about the oddly placed ‘Ghost Reprise’ and the meandering ‘(Instru)Mental Illness’, the better.

Overall this album will give listeners old and new a great focus point while the more than capable vocal abilities of Abigail Williams’ Ken Sorceron add a special ingredient that adds some extra power to the music.

1. In Becoming a Ghost
2. Digging the Grave
3. Blackstar
4. Cup of Mesphistopheles
5. The Spiralling Void
6. Shake the Disease
7. I Am
8. Ghost Reprise
9. (Instru)Mental Illness
10. The Terminal Breath