Ultimately falls short of slaying its competitors

Bounding out of New Zealand come Fallen Order, who endeavour to re-live the 80s power metal days by bombarding the audience with a baritone Halford-like vocal and a twin Maiden-esque guitar barrage.

Does it work? Yes and no.

The story goes that Fallen Order formed in 2005 and have been performing ever since, having added Hamish Murray’s vocals in 2007 and Kieran Gallagher’s guitar to the fold in ’09. The EP The Age of Kings does little to inspire fans of other genres of metal. Put simply, if you don’t like baritone vocal and elongated solos, there is a massive chance you won’t like Fallen Order. The solos are long but this kind of music demands it and backed by Nikki Terror on drums they encompass that power metal vibe, albeit a little too similar at times to a certain little east London band; the track ‘Beyond Death’ guilty on both accounts.

Technically the band are faultless though perhaps the sound could have been produced more expansive at times as it comes across as too flat in areas. Fallen Order aren’t afraid to manufacture epics however, with the title track clocking in at just over the nine minute mark. Grand in scale and storytelling, it will have the elder audience of metal in raptures.

The lack of aggression in Murray’s vocal unfortunately takes away from the end product of this EP. Whilst the rhythm section and guitars are decent, they are crying out for the words echoing from Murray’s throat to show more passion and rage. At times they do, but more often than not it’s only in the high end notes. Definitely something to work on here and most likely a super tight live band but The Age of Kings ultimately falls short of slaying its competitors.

1. Stand Together
2. Sign Your Life Away
3. Falling Down
4. Beyond Death
5. The Age of Kings