A seamless musical journey

Since 2007, California’s Fallujah have been turning out their own unique brand of technical death metal. 

Thanks to their lauded 2014 release The Flesh Prevails, they exploded onto the scene in a massive way and quickly became one of the hottest properties in extreme metal.

With their major label debut on Nuclear Blast in Dreamless, they have some big expectations to fulfill. At their core a technical death metal, Fallujah they mix in elements like ambience, shoegaze, electronica and melody to set them apart.

‘Adrenaline’ lives up to its name, brutality that comes at you with pure intensity like a hail of bullets and ‘Scar Queen’ shows Fallujah’s version of a mid-tempo groover.

The title track and ‘Abandon’ pull you into another dimension with atmospheric movements intertwined with Scott Carstairs’s soaring melodic guitar lines that would make Allan Holdsworth proud. ‘Amber Gaze’ goes off into black metal territory with frontman Alex Hoffman pushing his vocals to their limits, while ‘Fidelio’ provides a dark brief interlude bolstered by haunting female vocals.

‘Les Silences’ showcases their electronica influences and ‘Lacuna’ is the proverbial final breath where Fallujah go all out with every ounce of energy they have.

Dreamless isn’t just music. It’s a seamless spectacle that weaves in and out, immersing the listener in a musical journey.

If Fallujah were on the cusp of breaking huge with The Flesh Prevails, Dreamless is proof they are going to be one of the biggest acts in the death metal and metal scenes as time goes on and is going to be a hard album for many other bands to top in 2016.

1. Face of Death
2. Adrenaline
3. The Void Alone
4. Abandon
5. Scar Queen
6. Dreamless
7. The Prodigal Son
8. Amber Gaze
9. Fidelio
10. Wind for Wings
11. Les Silences
12. Lacuna