Stripped back and looser sounding

When Fallujah dropped their second full length release The Flesh Prevails, minds were blown worldwide and the band was launched into the metal stratosphere.

Following the touring cycle for their last album Dreamless, frontman Alex Hoffman decided to step down leaving Fallujah to head back to the drawing board to create what would has become their fourth studio album, Undying Light.

Right from the beginning the band are heading somewhere different musically as ‘Glass House’ begins.The approach is a bit more stripped back and looser sounding with less of an emphasis on technicality and atmospheric elements and more of a metalcore sound, especially in new vocalist Antonio Palermo’s delivery.

Despite the sudden changes, there is still an abundance of heaviness. Tracks like ‘Sanctuary’, ‘Ultraviolet’, the Deftones-like ‘Dopamine’, ‘Departure’ and ‘Hollow’ hit heavy and hard. On the other side of the coin, Fallujah take a dynamic shift in tracks such as ‘Last Light’, ‘Eyes Like the Sun’ and ‘Distant and Cold’ – a piece that builds slowly and emanates into a post metal atmospheric architecture that has to be heard.

Changing vocalists and heading towards a shift in direction is never the easiest path for a band to take and it is a brave move for a band like Fallujah to take after establishing themselves in a certain genre and sound, yet they make it work. It certainly has its moments and shows promise throughout, but may alienate some of their previous fanbase. That said, to open-minded listeners, Undying Light‘s material will impress and certainly be a grower; hopefully the band can build upon refining the sound and direction established into something even bigger than before.

  1. Glasshouse
  2. Last Light
  3. Ultraviolet
  4. Dopamine
  5. The Ocean Above
  6. Hollow
  7. Sanctuary
  8. Eyes Like the Sun
  9. Distant and Cold
  10. Departure