As high quality as death metal gets

Firespawn, now on album three, are as meat and potatoes and as high quality as death metal gets.

Being fronted by L.G. Petrov (Entombed/Entombed A.D.), although without the rockier elements that are present in his day job, should really be enough to tell you whether you are up for the next 42 minutes of music. And if you aren’t, perhaps death metal was never your thing anyway?

Battering from the beginning, the album rushes through the first three tracks as proof the formula laid out on their first two albums is still firmly in play, and more polished than ever.  The pace has been upped a bit to keep the old school fans a bit more interested with a simple recipe of pummelling drums, awesome guitar work, and most importantly, a front man in beast mode doing some of his greatest vocal work in a long time.

And right there is the biggest problem with this album.  The foot to the floor constant pace results in the centre of the album passing by in a blizzard of battering percussive assault and hellish guitar riffs while also feeling like some kind of overly long death metal prog epic as the tracks all blend together.

‘Cold Void’ is the only respite on an album so full of death metal hysterics you may just do yourself a mischief as you head bang along. You have been warned:  your head may just bang off.

  1. The Gallows End
  2. Death and Damnation
  3. Abominate
  4. Heathen Blood
  5. The Great One
  6. Cold Void
  7. The Hunter
  8. Godlessness
  9. Blind Kingdom
  10. The Undertaker
  11. Black Wings Of The Apocalypse