Big dumb grooves and infectiously catchy choruses

Don’t expect any grand musical statements or philosophical depth from the latest Five Finger Death Punch album. Like Disturbed, the Nevada quintet never really break any moulds but at least David Draiman and Co. still make the effort. FFDP haven’t had the greatest of years and they’re letting it show on Got Your Six.

There aren’t many pearls of wisdom among the album’s endless discussions of angst, angst, struggles within and further angst, but the big dumb grooves and infectiously catchy choruses are almost enough to carry it through. Almost, because even the ridiculous hooks that are riddled throughout this album aren’t enough to gloss over the high school-level rhyming and painful lyrical cliches that abound. Seriously, some of the lyrics are so bad it’s hard to believe they were written by fully-grown men – 85% of ‘Boots and Blood’ is the word ‘fuck’ and most of the other songs are equally excruciating. It’s almost as if they turned to their 15-year old nephews to help them out with song ideas but then couldn’t be bothered polishing them later. Musically, the songs are driven by furious grooves and simplistic riffs that are catchy enough but all start to blend into each other after a while, although it’s all over before the forty minute mark.

Apart from the banality of the lyrics, the most noticeable factor of Got Your Six is the way that it moves from aggressive metal machismo to angsty rock as it goes on until track seven introduces synths, strings and acoustic guitars like they’re trying to be Bush or someone – the deluxe edition’s final track ‘I Apologize’ could be interchangeable with almost anything on Sixteen Stone (but most probably ‘Comedown’), but lamer. Got Your Six is pure bubblegum.

1. Got Your Six
2. Jekyll and Hyde
3. Wash it All Away
4. Ain’t My Last Dance
5. My Nemesis
6. No Sudden Movement
7. Question Everything
8. Hell to Pay
9. Digging My Own Grave
10. Meet My Maker
11. Boots and Blood