Violent old school thrash

Sydney’s Flaming Wrekage have certainly come along in leaps and bounds since their debut four years ago.

No doubt having a stable line-up for most of that time has helped cement their style and plenty of hard work has built them into a pretty intense proposition.

From Flesh to Dust comes armed to the gills with violent old school thrash played at breakneck speed. Flaming Wrekage unleash a stunning array of fast and catchy riffs at a pace that barely pauses for breath until halfway through ‘Desperation Bleeds’, where the song just sort of meanders along for a minute or so before building to an epic crescendo of crushing riffs and harmonising guitars. The thick guitar tone means that From Flesh to Dust is one heavy album, and the relentless pace makes it a punishing one, making up in those areas what it lacks in diversity.

Dave Lupton’s vocals are a fairly one-dimensional scathing howl and while the material is solid, as a rule the song writing  is strictly formulaic and the immense instrumental ‘The Onslaught’ hangs around for just a little too long, especially when most of the other tracks are quite short. Still, there are definite highlights, like ‘Thrown to the Wolves’ with its cross-cutting riffs and the title track where the band do the seemingly impossible and shift a gear higher, bringing the album to a close like a runaway freight train. While not setting any standards for true originality, From Flesh to Dust is a pretty powerful package of pure thrash metal, and what’s not to like about that?

1. Ensnared
2. Blood Stained
3. Cataclysm
4. Thrown to the Wolves
5. Desperation Bleeds
6. Misguided Disciples
7. The Onslaught
8. From Flesh to Dust