Demands a listener’s attention from start to finish

In life, circumstances change – one door closes, another door opens.

In the case of Australian drummer extraordinaire Lucius Borich, the door closed on a twelve year run with Cog when the band decided to take a hiatus. Not wanting to rest on his laurels however, an opportunity arose to collaborate with some old friends from Scarymother and Karnivool and a new musical entity was conceived. The result of this is their debut self titled release.

Over the course of the album there are constant changes spinning around the musical atmosphere from beginning to end. “Spirals”, the infectiously catchy “Sugar” and “Breaking to Breathe” draw from the hard rock/grunge file whereas “Bezhumous” and “Narke” showcase the electronica and industrial influences within F L O A T I N G M E’s musical psyche.

A mellower side is also touched upon in such cuts as “Piano”, the cruisy, acoustic driven “The Beautiful Fall” and the borderline post- rock “Short Cuts To Feeling”. The epic closing piece “Across the Gulf” seems to take a little bit of every style and mix it all into a nine minute timeframe.

Considering the musical pedigree of the band members, the performance side of the album is nothing but top notch. Borich’s drumming is flawlessly breathtaking and steps outside the box without looking back and rhythm section compadre bassist Jon Stockman (Karnivool) takes on a driving role with weaving passages locking in together as one dominant rhythmic force. Guitarist Antony Brown and keyboardist Tobias Messiter  take on more of an atmospheric supporting role behind the powerful rhythm section and vocalist Andrew Gillespie (all formerly of Scarymother) adds the final touch with an outstanding vocal performance highlighting his unique vocal versatility that calls to mind a mixture of Jeff Martin, Nick Cave and Eddie Vedder.

F L O A T I N G M E demands a listener’s attention from start to finish with numerous influences thrown into their musical mixing bowl, creating something quite unique as a whole. Fans of the band members’ other projects will delve straight into the album without any question and casual listeners should experience a similar feeling with a bit of time.

1. Deathless
2. Narke
3. Spirals
4. Piano
5. Sugar
6. Breaking To Breathe
7. Xtoto
8. Bezhumous
9. Short Cuts To Feeling
10. The Beautiful Fall
11. Across The Gulf