The disjointed sense makes the album feel so urgent

Once a strong part of My Chemical Romance’s musical identity, Frank Iero has spent his time since that band constantly evolving through all kinds of different musical identities and this album is no different.

Whilst trying to find his solo identity he has generally kept the same musicians around him, merely changing the backing band’s name through subsequent releases as the musician saw fit.

The same still applies here as the band now known as The Future Violents is made up from a collection of Evan Nestor (the other most common thread throughout all Frank Iero solo material), bassist Matt Armstrong, multi-instrumentalist Kayleigh Goldsworthy (Dave Hause and the Mermaid) and Tucker Rule (Thursday) on drums. All of these different personalities make for the most interesting solo album yet, as it dives from punk balladry of album opener ‘A New Day’s Coming’ to more urgent 70s punk of ‘Moto Pop’ whilst trying its hand at everything and anything in between.

This album is driven completely by its diversity. Where previously Frank Iero found a musical subject matter and recreated it in his vision, here it has all been thrown at the wall and been given enough time to dry.  This can create a musical rollercoaster ride as the music goes from subtle ballad to punked up garage rock, sometimes in the once track, but it is in the disjointed sense that makes the album feel so urgent.  Not needing a place, but wedging itself into your musical consciousness and leaving you humming a riff or melody that you can’t put your finger on until you scan through the album again and again in search of it.

This album certainly won’t win any fans over who are only interested in hearing recreations of certain aspects of Frank’s career to this point. But if you enjoy jangly garage rock, punk or even a bit of 80s feeling pop rock then somewhere buried on this album may just be your next favourite track.


  1. A New Day’s Coming
  2. Young And Doomed
  3. Fever Dream
  4. The Host
  5. Basement Eyes
  6. Ode to Destruction
  7. The Unfortunate
  8. Moto Pop
  9. Medicine Square Garden
  10. No Love
  11. Police Police
  12. Great Party
  13. Six Feet Down Under
  14. 24k Lush