Another solid slab of Aussie metal

What can be said that someone hasn’t at least attempted to say about this band? 

Frankenbok are a confident mix of hard work, beer and Aussie Heavy Fucking Metal, and have forged a path all their own through various line up changes in their 20 year history; this album is no exception.

The band have certainly made the best choice of album title. Coming for you from the get go ‘Stalker, Stalker’ is a straight up slab of heavy in the vein of Pantera but with more swagger. This has always been the Frankenbok sound, a mix of groove with an injection thrash and that something special that only Australian bands bring to our beloved form of music.

There are no real lets downs on the album, with only intro piece ‘Lost Rituals of the Corporate Psycho’ feeling a little out of place before ‘Voodoo, Inc’ kicks in to show why the previous track was there. Pick any of the tracks and they all show off what has always been great about this band, and Australian metal in general. There’s an unwillingness to compromise or conform, no matter what you come up against.

Solid performances by everyone in the band, but in particular new vocalist Daniel White who really ups the heavy sound always sounding like a man possessed on ‘Segregate the Masses’  ‘Lifeline (Give ‘em Enough Rope)’ and ‘Fuck Off or Destroy’. He really stands out above some of their previous vocalists.

Another solid slab of Aussie metal in a year that is shaping up to be one of our best yet. It keeps getting better. In a crowded music climate, our little piece of the globe just keeps releasing music to match and at times better the rest of the world.
1. Stalker,Stalker
2. Drive it Into ihe Ground
3. Lost Rituals of the Corporate Psycho
4. Voodoo, Inc
5. Lifeline (Give ‘em Enough Rope)
7. Of Chaos and Fear
8. Segregate ahe Masses
9. Tombs of Solid Gold
10. Fuck Off or Destroy