The sound of a band that don’t care what you think

Twenty five years of taking the piss and shit talking and Australia’s most famous melodic punks still have whatever ‘it’ is.

Maybe the band would take offence to my above statement, but lead single ‘Cunt Act’ shows just how far this band have come, while at the same time staying ‘punk’ perfectly, calling out just about any type of annoying arsehole you can think of with some great little guitar solo parts throughout. Whether it’s the great ‘Ray Ahn is My Spirit Animal’ or the complete piss-take ‘Don’t Cast Aspergers on Me’, everything that has made this band a classic Aussie act is here on full display.

It is hard to pick out any real highlights as this is another Frenzal Rhomb album full of great straight ahead punk attitude and that smart arse Australian attitude that has made them stick out from their peers. Among the laughs, the lyrics carry the weight of social and moral stand points, from the tales of ‘Ex-Pat’ and ‘Food Court’ that show their growth as musicians to classic romps like ‘I’m Shelving Stacks (While Stacking Shelves)’ and ‘Storage Unit Pill Press’, the slower tracks in the middle so you get a bit of a breather or the melodic hardcore that bookend the album so well. This is rather basically the sound of a band that enjoy what they play, and don’t care much what you think, and that is how they have always liked it.

A great and unpretentious album from a great and unpretentious Australian band. Support your local scene.

1. Classic Pervert
2. Ray Ahn as My Spirit Animal
3. Cunt Act
4. Sneeze Guard
5. I’m Shelving Stacks (While Stacking Shelves)
6. The Criminals’ Airline
7. Storage Unit Pill Press
8. School Reunion
9. Ex-Pat
10. Beer and a Shot
11. The Black Prince
12. Bunbury
13. Pigworm
14. Digging a Hole For Myself
15. Don’t Cast Aspergers on Me
16. Messed Up
17. Mental Problems
18. Waiting for the Postman
19. Organ Donor
20. Food Court