Dirty rock n roll plucked from the depths of a decaying southern swamp

Gay Paris has emerged from the swamp with a bottle of whisky in one hand and a guitar in the other, complete with an invitation to The Last Good Party.

The second album from the kings of straight up sleaze is a bust or thrust inducing record that shamelessly slides up and down the filthy side of your conscience, making you want to tear off your shirt and party until sunrise.

Call it what you will, but the raunchy rockabilly reverberations of Gay Paris are a sound like no other. While their first album tested their distinctive discourse, The Last Good Party lets the cat out of the bag, unleashing a much more forceful, confident and riff heavy sound. The music is much heavier this time around although their song structure remains the same. Most songs are packed with intriguing licks, riffs and fills and a few sneaky solos work their way in to the mix as well, although it could have done with a few more.

All their ideas from The Skeleton’s Problematic Granddaughter have come together and been refined in The Last Good Party, adding a sense of consistency to the album. Upon the first listen, it seems like most of the band is indifferent to time signatures, irreverently shredding or bashing away at their instruments. Yet each member stays well within the beat, adding a chaotic touch to the music, but one that’s always kept under control. Gay Paris wield the musical beast with the power of a bear god.

For a band that’s content to bend genres in every direction, though, there’s surprisingly few attempts to shake things up. Although the compositions vary, the sound and effects remain the same, so each song sounds tonally quite similar to the last. It’s a shame because it ultimately causes the the music seem repetitive and almost dull by the end of the album. Nevertheless, the album maintains an upbeat pace and effortlessly slides between rock and blues, inducing a jolt in your sanity that will keep you jiving away well into the night.

Topping off the cake is bang on production, that brings an audible depth to the music. Each corner of the audio spectrum has been filled, and each instrument and vocal line perfectly balanced. The masterful production makes this a treat to listen to, as the sound caresses your senses, sometimes tenderly, and sometimes with the raw power of a wildebeest.

The Last Good Party embraces guilty debauchery and is dripping with filthy fun, in all its alcohol drenched glory. You’ll dance and sing as the music conjures up images of a horrific dance hall filled with sleazy scumbags in wall to wall grime. It’s dirty rock n roll plucked from the depths of a decaying southern swamp where sin and surrealism reign supreme. And it all tastes so damn good.

1. Ash Wednesday Boudoir Party
2. Jubilee Down Crow Beach
3. Son of a Butcher Parliament
4. Trash Bird at Confessional
5. Minotaur: Sibboleth Brooks no Brotherhood
6. The Gospel According to Blood & Bone
7. Ghost Off in Umbria
8. Black Louie Forgives the Cardinal’s Sins
9. The Demarcation of Joseph Hollybone
10. Shame at the Anvil