Really unexpected hard rock music

Imagine, if you can, what it would be like if Clutch got together with Chrome Division and then invited Tom Waits and Hank Williams III over for a jam. Not only would whatever town they were in run out of alcohol, but the result might sound something like this.

The Skeleton’s Problematic Granddaughter is the debut release for Gay Paris, a four piece who could be quite adequately described as not wholly conventional. The nine tracks here are the result of breeding a truly gnarled and ugly, swamp-dwelling rock beast with sludgy blues, roots, psychobilly and outlaw country. If that wasn’t enough, the songs are linked by a barely coherent theme entangled in gloriously insane poetry. “Pregnant pervert ghost quiver sweetheart, quaint rooms on a negligee street/Dereliction, you’re a homeless rose on a brimstone teat” HW Monks barks in a ragged, broken growl, invoking frankly bizarre metaphors and innuendo throughout the band’s exploration of the titular character’s life. It would all mean nothing if the songs weren’t actually good though, and they are, riddled with infectious hooks and grooves so catchy the album is over before you know it. Just check out “House Fire in the Origami District” for not only some genuine rock-out goodness but songtitle of the year, or “Soliloquy from Ether Station” for some bluegrass Gospel music if it was made in Hell.

It may take a few listens to really appreciate what Gay Paris has done here, but this is a stellar recording from a very different band. Those looking for some really unexpected hard rock music should put this on the top of their list.

1. Turns Out You’re Not a Cowgirl After All
2. Deadrie Fell’s Dog Park Blues
3. Future Wolf and the Gay Parisian Milk Incident
4. House Fire in the Origami District
5. And Lo! She Beheld the Pale Surgeon
6. The Black Tooth Supper Club
7. My First Wife? She Was a Fox Queen
8. Soliloquy from Ether Station
9. Skyship of the Contrabandistor