A stunning rock record from a great band

Melbourne’s wonderfully named A Gazillion Angry Mexicans have really stepped up their game for their second album.

Not that there was any sense of being slouches before, but Blood Rainbow just nails everything they’ve been trying to achieve. With Dreadnaught’s current status unknown, the epic build up into Plume sets these lads up as a very suitable replacement, only for Double Vision Quest to see them change into a desert rock band on the very next track.

This predilection to keep their audience guessing continues throughout the entire album. A couple of instrumental tracks back-to-back open onto Purgatory‘s snarly punk rock, the stoner groove of Mercury and the Old Gods expands into brooding vocals and soaring melodies. The Shepherd is a fitting climax, the band once again staking a claim in Dreadnaught’s angry, tension-filled metal territory. The rainbow’s end comes with the beauty and fragility of The First Light of the Morning After, male and female vocals entwining over sorrowful guitar lines fading to uncomfortable silence, a sense of unease at the end of a remarkable and engaging song cycle.

Diversity is a key aspect to any good rock band, but it’s a rare to see a band showing so much of it on a single release, and that’s a facet in the success of Blood Rainbow and one that keeps AGAM from being easily pigeonholed. A stunning rock record from a great band.

  1. Midsommar Fever Dream
  2. Trail of the Cloven Hoof
  3. Plume
  4. Double Vision Quest
  5. Pilgrimage
  6. Offering at Serpent Mound
  7. The Wold
  8. Purgatory
  9. Mercury and the Old Gods
  10. The Shepherd
  11. The First Light of the Morning After