Glorious, rough and ready rock and roll

Lemmy may no longer walk the Earth, but while bands like Gehennah exist his spirit will never be far off.

Returning from whatever sleazy hole they once disappeared down, this booze-fuelled Swedish four piece are back for the attack with nothing less than flat-to-the-floor speed metal mayhem.

From the blatant Motorhead worship of “Let’s Fall off the Wagon” to the punk rock title track and violent outbursts like “Gehennah Will Destroy Your Life”, Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die is glorious, rough and ready rock and roll filled to the gunwales with furious drumming, rampaging riffs, spectacular solos, snarling, vicious vocals evoking Conrad Lant and the ghost of Lemmy himself, and catchy, sardonic (and self-aware) songs about drinking beer and listening to metal all day (as long as it has no flutes).

Gehennah is hardly the most original of bands, but when they do it with this much spirit and it’s this much fun that’s hardly an issue. For pure and simple blazing rock and roll that gives no fucks whatsoever, Gehennah are the dudes.

1. Still the Elite
2. Life Metal Must Die
3. Too Loud to Live, Too Drunk to Die
4. Scumbag
5. Gehennah Will Destroy Your Life
6. Let’s Fall Off the Wagon
7. ‘Cause We’re a Street Metal Band
8. Tonight We Fight
9. When All Else Fails – Destroy!
10. Low on Cash, High on Speed
11. We Stole Your Song
12. Unholy & Unpleasant
13. All of the Decadence, None of the Success