May require a completely open mind

Fronted by current Exodus vocalist Rob Dukes, American band Generation Kill’s sophomore album is a disjointed mix of thrash colliding with hard rock. Despite all the political and war overtoned bravado on display here, We’re All Gonna Die ultimately falls a tad short.

Opener ‘Born to Serve’ dishes up a tasty spiel of dissent with Dukes’ commanding “You’re a fuckin’ slave”! ‘Prophets of War’ maintains the political hatred albeit in a slower more controlled manner almost as if preaching the lyrics before evolving into a thrashy crescendo. ‘Death Comes Calling’ slips back into an early ‘90s hard rock, almost grungy vibe, with more lyrical content surrounding one’s ultimate demise. It doesn’t end there with ‘Friendly Fire’ blossoming into an out and out head banger and all of a sudden you get the feeling that this album could well be the ‘sleeper cell’ release of 2013.

Tragically the band for some bizarre reason change tack completely. ‘Carny Love’ and ‘Vegas’, although decent enough in their delivery, are in complete contrast to the vibe the band had sternly set forth in the first half of the album. ‘Carny Love’, in particular with its lyrical fanfare of piercings and tattoos is just absurd set against a trippy backdrop. ‘Vegas’ carries a nice hard rock riff but again the lyrical content further departs from the theme the band had established earlier and loses the album’s mojo. An epic eight minute melodic epilogue, ‘There is No Hope’ retrieves the theme of the album, incorporating a speed metal intro that evolves to unfortunate dreary rock. This would have befitted from being halved in its length. Concluding with the title track, a frenetic face ripper, it’s unfortunate the band detoured as if a fork had landed in its path mid-album.

Generation Kill has delivered the quintessential good, bad and ugly. Some gems to be found in the eight track album but having the patience to get through the release as a whole may require a completely open mind or at the very least a stiff drink.

1. Born to Serve
2. Prophets of War
3. Death Comes Calling
4. Friendly Fire
5. Carny Love
6. Vegas
7. There is No Hope
8. We’re All Gonna Die