The beginning of a new journey

The life of any touring musician or band can be fraught with danger, from bad business dealings or horrible promoters to the cliché of sex and drugs ruining a good thing.  But the real unfortunate ones can be a fate much worse: an accident or death on the road. 

One such accident befell The Ghost Inside in late 2015 on a tour across the US, killing two people and injuring members of the band and crew, and leaving questions about if they could or would continue.  After a couple of successful live outings (out here in Australia), they have stepped up and released a new album on the world.

Facing their history head on, the band come barrelling out with the ultra short 1333 coming out like a swift smack across the face,  showing off the now one legged drummer Andrew Tkaczyk’s abilities.  Still Alive opens with the poignant lyric  “Today I woke up to a brand new day” as vocalist Jonathan Vigil faces the questions head on, remaining positive about everything the group has encountered to this point. Make or Break should get you starting a one person pit wherever you are when you hear it, and if you like your hard/metalcore with a solid piece of melody, The Ghost Inside oblige late in the piece on Unseen, that takes a little while to warm up, and the chorus of Overexposure will have a swooning crowd singing it back to them.

Throughout, The Ghost Inside’s positively has to be admired, as they busily point out the silver lining of their experience. Even on the darker tracks such as Pressure Point the focus isn’t so much on darkness, but confronting it head on and telling it to fuck off.

It must have been difficult for The Ghost Inside to focus on the positive at after such a dark time in their lives and it has to be admired that they chose to ensure they remained positive throughout the making of this album.  This album is the beginning of a new journey for this band, and long may their journey continue safely.

  1. 1333
  2. Still Alive
  3. The Outcast
  4. Pressure Point
  5. Overexposure
  6. Make or Break
  7. Unseen
  8. One Choice
  9. Phoenix Rise
  10. Begin Again
  11. Aftermath