A ridiculously diverse and ever-interesting suite of tracks

Already known as one of music’s most mercurial and unpredictable figures, it should come as no surprise that Greg Puciato’s debut album is mixed bag of surprises, influences, atmospheres and moods.

Opening with a brief acoustic interlude throws a curve ball right from the start, a sudden wind back lurches into the throbbing beat of Creator of God and then the harsh explosive industrial clatter of Fire for Water takes over, Puciato shrieking over the dark rumble of bass and piercing electronics like Broken NiN stepping into the ring with DEP. Three tracks in and Child Solider: Creator of God is as diverse and as epic of scope as we already knew its creator to be.

At more than an hour, CD:CoG is a lot to take in, but there isn’t a moment wasted on this ADHD of an album as it turns on a dime through Puciato’s angular, labyrinthine sonic landscape. Roach Hiss is another echo of his furious  Dillinger days, Fireflies a mirrors of the danceable electronica of The Black Queen, and that they are only separated from each other by the big grooving noise rock of Do I Have to Remind You? is only further proof of the diverse adventurousness of Puciato’s music. The straight up power pop of Down When I’m Not is yet another side, marking a subtle shift in the closing third of the album full of dreamy pop and bright ambience.

Exhibiting every facet of his eclectic character, Greg Puciato has drawn from punk, pop, hardcore, almost every form of electronica and a vast palette of his own imaginings and influences for a ridiculously diverse and ever-interesting suite of tracks – one of the musical highlights of an already crowded year for great releases.

  1. Heaven of Stone
  2. Creator of God
  3. Fire for Water
  4. Deep Set
  5. Temporary Object
  6. Fireflies
  7. Do I Have to Remind You?
  8. Roach Hiss
  9. Down When I’m Not
  10. You Know I Do
  11. Through the Walls
  12. A Pair of Questions
  13. Evacuation
  14. Heartfree
  15. September City