More brutality, more technicality, more speed

Perth’s exponents of brutal death metal, Grotesque, have sought to up the stakes with every recording they’ve done.

More brutality, more technicality, more speed.  Feedback Loop is their second album, following 2007’s debut Museum of Human Disease and 2010’s self-titled EP. Will Feedback Loop deliver on these claims? This reviewer is going to find out. Owing to the violently technical nature of the album, I’m going to divert from my usual approach and forego a track by track review. Simply put; this album doesn’t need one. Going into detail here will rob the listener of discovering the multitude of twists and turns that the music presents.

On Feedback Loop, Grotesque present a solid blend of technical/brutal death metal propelled by Trevor Owen’s relentless machine-gun precise blasting. Guitarist Marc Hawkins and bassist Joshua Wasley offer technical riffing, which has the rare distinction of being as catchy as it is brutal. Ross Macrae’s deep, guttural roars dominate proceedings with equal versatility and aplomb.

From what I understand, prior to this album’s release, Grotesque had taken something of a hiatus from the local scene, emerging after the album’s completion. If that’s the case, I’d say the hiatus has done the band a world of good. Feedback Loop is a raging storm of an unrelenting onslaught. Free of filler, Grotesque have gone straight for the jugular on this offering and crafted a concise, sharp, and brutal offering. In this reviewer’s eyes (and ears), Grotesque have delivered on their promises. Take a pass on this and you’ll miss out on one of this year’s most consistent albums.

1. Derived by Collisions
2. Feedback Loop
3. Experienced Entanglement
4. Radii
5. Intricate Paradigm Shift
6. Beyond the Reversal
7. Vox Tempus
8. Evolving Through Extinction
9. Deficiency
10. Siphon the Tethys