Completely unessential listening

Starting life as a band wanting to bring back the sound of classic death metal, in particular Chuck Schuldiner’s now immortal band DeathGruseome was formed by Matt Harvey (Exhumed) and Gus Rios (Malevolent Creation) after touring together with original members of Death in the ‘Death To All’ tour.

The question is, after an album and a couple of EPs, is the lack of anything musically newer than death metal circa 1995 wearing thin like the Thrash Revival of the early 00s that saw so many good bands come and go due to a inability grow because of their own restraints?

‘Inhumane’ begins proceedings almost as expected with everything but Matt Harvey’s vocals sounding like a Death outtake from any of the band’s first handful of releases, all the way down to the muddy production values that were part and parcel of the sound then.  That’s followed up swiftly by ‘A Waste of Life’ that sonically lands somewhere between the more technical albums Human and Individual Thought Patterns.

I could go on and run you through the impressions left track by track of this relatively short album, but it would honestly just be easier to point you in the direction of the Death albums Spiritual Healing, Human and Individual Thought Patterns as that is where the inspiration for this album comes from.  I am honestly not sure if inspiration is the right word; homage fits the bill, but even then this sometimes cuts so close the musical bone it is a complete rebirth of the way things once were.

I get that this is the main objective of the band, but when we have the recorded output of the original this just feels unnecessary. It is not by any means a bad death metal album in its own right, but taken as intended it feels already done and completely unessential listening.

  1. Inhumane
  2. A Waste Of Life
  3. Fate
  4. Lethal Legacy
  5. Fatal Illusions
  6. Crusade Of Brutality
  7. At Death’s Door
  8. Twisted Prayers