Music with a potent, intoxicating and important message

British sonic antagonists Hacktivist come raging back with their second full-length release a full five years after their genre-smashing debut.

With a true street-level integrity that validates their battle-hardened aggression and casual bravado, Hacktivist explode in a discordant fury of dark, downtuned riffing, grimy rapping and a chaos of electronic beats and synth mayhem. Hyperdialect is a brutal and uncompromising view from the projects and estates of modern Britain, an album that surges and veers from dense, extinction-level event industrial carnage like Currency and the ferociously aggressive Dogs of War to the extreme djent of Planet Zero‘s construction-zone hammering. London rapper Kid Bookie makes a cameo on the RATM-on-steroids Armoured Core and Ultima Dies goes off in a completely different and haunting direction.

The contrasting tones and styles of J Hurley and Jot Maxi add depth and urgency to the band’s bewildering array of jarring riffs and slamming beats, injecting further venom into Hacktivist’s atom-smashing assault on hypocrisy, falsehood and deception. Violent and topical, Hyperdialect is powerful, savage, relevant and original. It’s often uncomfortable and sometimes difficult to listen to, and definitely not to every taste, very much like the best forward-thinking experimental music, but it’s also music with a potent, intoxicating and important message.

  1. Anti-Emcess
  2. Luminosity
  3. Lifeform
  4. Armoured Core
  5. Turning Tables
  6. Currency
  7. Hyperdialect
  8. Dogs of War
  9. Ultima Dies
  10. Planet Zero
  11. How Dare You Exist
  12. Reprogram