Should progress their push to the forefront of rock nationwide

Impressive Perth hard rock band Hailmary recently released their latest EP, Navigate the Sunrise on the eve of their Australia wide tour.

Following in the footsteps of 2012’s, Choice. Path. Consequence. Solution, the new release should progress their push to the forefront of rock nationwide. Hailmary could have easily rested on their laurels for this release but instead this is a glimpse that the best is clearly yet to come.

‘Liar in My Chair’ takes the reins with the lead off, a bounding hard rock treat with vocalist Kevin Curran in fine form. With drummer Vas Shevstov pounding his kit in the background, it’s an energetic announcement and as the heaviest track it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. The title track mixes a gradual build with sing-a-long chorus. ‘Anything is Possible’ continues in a similar vein, though it rocks out more with a simpler structure. The soft approach to ‘Waiting for My Time’ steps sideways and incorporates female backing vocal. Again, simple in its arrangement, it works beautifully with Curran delivering a stellar softer vocal touch. Did someone say commercial radio?

‘My Song’ concludes the EP with a less meaty but nonetheless pleasant Godsmack-infused sound. Overall, the vocals are clean but have enough menace to reward hard rock disciples.  The solos are hard to find but the riffage is such that it matters little. A slight change in direction, maybe even the fork in the road moment for Hailmary, who may just carry that special something to crack the international scene or at the very least fill the void of Australian rock bands on radio.

Liar in My Chair
Navigate the Sunrise
Anything is Possible
Waiting for My Time
My Song