Playing to their musical strengths

Halestorm have built a firm grounding based on hard work, a great live show and  most importantly some solid heavy fucking rock built around the amazing vocal talents of Lzzy Hale, ably backed up by a band with the ability to play music that feels classic but sounds modern.

‘Black Vultures’ rolls in quietly with Lzzy yelling buried deep within as the song comes crashing in on a heavy riff before settling into a modern rock bounce that crescendos in the middle. Vicious ebbs and flows through what Halestorm has built up as their sound to this point: heavy crunchy guitars, pop sensibilities fed through a machine of rock and last but not least Lzzy Hale’s at times unbelievable vocal output. Driving from pop princess to rock goddess in a single song; ‘Uncomfortable’ a fine example coming out of the speakers at a great pace before allowing the track to breathe.

As the album wears on, the band keep it interesting, if a little formulaic as they enter ballad territory in the middle. ‘Conflicted’ and ‘Heart of Novocaine’ both allow Hale to show off some great raw emotion but feel a little out of step with the rock swirling around them. ‘Painkiller’ (not a Judas Priest cover) gets the good ship rock back on course after the restful lull and Halestorm turn the music back up to 10 to carry Vicious to a powerful close with the heavy industrial sounding title track and the anti-Disney princess anthem ‘White Dress’.

Halestorm are not reinventing the wheel here, but what they do is play to their musical strengths and that just happens to be writing some great hard rock riffs to help keep great music alive.

  1. Black Vultures
  2. Skulls
  3. Uncomfortable
  4. Buzz
  5. Do Not Disturb
  6. Conflicted
  7. Killing Ourselves to Live
  8. Heart of Novocaine
  9. Painkiller
  10. White Dress
  11. Vicious
  12. The Silence