Worth a listen

Rockhampton raised Hammer Persuasion’s debut album Necropsy of the Human Mind dropped in 2012 but with the upcoming support show of King Parrot we felt compelled to see what these Central Queenslanders were all about.

Slated as melodic death metal, there’s more than meets the eye to a band that possess some seriously skilled axemen. Hammer Persuasion’s bombastic use of duelling vocals and layers of guitar has this band creating interest.

The album begins on tranquil terms in almost a laid back 70s vibe before ‘Maid of Honour’ bombards the speakers with Maidenesque melody. It’s not until the duelling death vocals swerving between guttural and squealing depths invade the track that we are presented with where the band’s true sound, structurally changing pace before culminating in an elongated, albeit well crafted, solo.

‘Held Within’ continues the guttural flow of death as the galloping guitars continue the onslaught. ‘Immaculate Degenerate’ and the title track follow in similar fashion with melody the key set against the at times overwhelming duel vocals. ‘Limbo’ allows the listener time to breathe, falling back to a Zeppelin-like acoustic instrumental. However the interlude is short lived as ‘Angel’ ploughs out another minute long intro prior to colliding into the high-pitched death cry and intestinal growls that lead into solo, change up and another solo.

The tiering guitar work is certainly not bereft of melody amongst the layers of change ups. It’s quite a feat considering all that is going on within some of the tracks. ‘Drop Dead’ leads with a bass inspired groove, a highlight track. ‘The Hidden Content’ offers spoken words between squeally death vocal though it meanders between choruses before a decent riff returns; ending with the third instrumental of the album, ‘Found’ which never reaches any great heights.

Human Persuasion have produced a solid debut album but not without its flaws. The guitar work is pivotal in their sound however the duelling death vocal juxtapose is overwhelming as a whole, with the pitched range of vocal an acquired taste. Worth a listen.

1. Lost
2. Maid of Honour
3. Held Within
4. Immaculate Degenerate
5. Necropsy of the Human Mind
6. Limbo
7. Angel
8. Under the Black Light
9. The Hills Will Burn
10. Drop Dead
11. The Hidden Content
12. Found