Another solid slab of Aussie thrash

Right on top of Desecrator’s great addition to the world of thrash, fellow Melbourne band Harlott are throwing their hat in the ring as a contender for best thrash band in Australia right now on album number three.

Extinction begine far more traditionally, with a classic acoustic throw back intro before the band introduce themselves with some great Slayer-style riffs and vocalist Andy Hudson sounding like a younger version of Tom Araya himself.

As the album carries on, even though it is very good, I find myself making that association over and over. And while it is hard not to have these similarities be a distraction, they do not take away from the joy of the music. Kept at a frenetic pace throughout, the band is giving all they’ve got, bringing a brilliant mix of old school Slayer, Testament and Exodus all at their most ferocious. Everything that thrash is, is on show, from the guitar harmonies at the end of ‘Extinction’ and ‘The Penitent’ to the heavy bass intro of ‘Conflict Revelation’, mosh parts and guitar solos.

I have no idea how Andy Hudson can sing at the pace he does on ‘Violent Conspirator’ . This is one of the fastest non-grind related things I have ever heard, and at 1:40 doesn’t even have time to welcome itself before it leaves again, making slower follow up ‘And Darkness Brings Life’ feel like a welcome if a little creepy visitor.

This album is a great introduction for anyone yet to really get into thrash because it is so much like its influences at a time when thrash ruled the world.  Harlott are another Australian band destined to stand above the rest of the world pack showing just how great this nation’s musicians are.

2017 is shaping up not just to be the year thrash attempts another take over, but the year that the world will no longer be able to try and ignore the noise that is being created Down Under.

1. Extinction
2. First World Solutions
3. The Penitent
4. Whore
5. No Past
6. Conflict Revelation
7. Better Off Dead
8. Violent Conspirator
9. And Darkness Brings the Light
10. Final Weapon
11. Parasite
12. Epitaph