An evocative and entrancing release

Australia has always had a good supply of great doom bands, and Hawkmoth introduced themselves more than admirably with 2014’s Calamitas

Godless Summit is the first of a two-part release that further defines and sharpens their epic instrumental take on the genre. It’s a development in structure and style that creeps in and slowly builds from a melody line plucked over a howling breeze, the title track’s first crashing chords ringing in almost a quarter-way into proceedings, breaking the tension like the first thunderclap of a building storm. That atmosphere is at the heart of Hawkmoth’s musical dynamic – indistinct voices echo through the light and shade of ‘Mala Fide’ and each track hearkens at distant post-rock influences suddenly swallowed by immense riffs. The 14-minute ‘Charnel Grounds’ unfolds like a labyrinthine, musical arabesque rising to a spellbinding plateau of hypnotic riffing and melody, enthralling well into the silence.

This is an evocative and entrancing release that sets up the second act eminently. In the wake of Godless Summit, Hawkmoth’s next instalment is highly anticipated.