Painted with a palette of old school influences

Given the time they’ve taken between albums it’s unsurprising that Hazmat’s second release is a solid effort.

Six years on from their debut has seen the Sydney four piece develop their song writing and mature their sound.

At first it’s difficult to get past Jay Callaby’s near-identical vocal similarity to Dave Mustaine, but once over that hurdle Atonement has a wealth of metal goodness to offer, brimming with chugging groove, blistering thrash and blazing crossfire guitar solos. ‘Sold’ is a prime example of how explosive Hazmat is while the sprawling title track grinds slowly forward with a sinister churn.

‘Spineless’ and ‘Bad Blood’ are another couple of venomous thrashers and elsewhere across the album the band paint with a palette of old school influences.

At times they sound too much like their influences for comfort, especially Callaby’s voice in tracks like ‘The Theatre’ and ‘Confront’ where he’s bang-on for Mustaine, but overall Atonement delivers hard-hitting metal that makes no attempt to be anything else.

1. The Theatre
2. Spineless
3. Confront
4. Sold
5. Atonement
6. Social Mediocrity
7. Sucker Punch
8. Bad Blood
9. Burden of Proof
10. Dodger (New Murder)