Not re-inventing the genre

The first thing that comes to mind while listening to These Hearts is youthfulness.

Their debut release, Forever Ended Yesterday, will appeal to the younger generation, and it will be no surprise if they become the flavour of the month from the moment of release, June 21.

These Hearts aren’t really anything new. They’ve jumped on the bandwagon of hardcore rhythms, gritty guitars, screaming vocals, and of course the token ballad acoustic track – “Thinking in Terms of Two.” That’s not saying that they don’t do it well. For what they are, they’re sure to find a special place in many young people’s hearts. The lyrics have just the right amount of angst, and are sung with the necessary over the top emotion, very much akin to bands like A Day To Remember and Taking Back Sunday. Along with the high energy playing and addictive hooks, These Hearts have taken the best of their contemporaries on the scene to create exactly what hardcore fans are looking for.

There are no real standouts on this album, but there are a few interesting aspects. “Are You Mad?” – a filler track at just 1:53, offers some erratic keys to the mix. “Romans 15” opens with a chant that dives right into gritty guitars, heavy drums and the lowest vocal growl overall. The title track is probably the most memorable, with a catchy chorus and some of the better hooks to be found on the record.

Forever Ended Yesterday won’t be setting any new trends, or re-inventing the genre, but fans of A Day To Remember, Hawthorne Heights and other such bands will likely be adding These Hearts to their list of favourites in no time.

1. Apology Rejected
2. Quitting While You’re Behind
3. Denial is Not Just a River in Egypt
4. Romans 15
5. Self Respect
6. Forever Ended Yesterday
7. Are You Mad?
8. She’d Like to Wear the Pants But…
9. Live to the Point of Tears
10. Thinking in Terms of Two
11. Dime a Dozen