Openly aggressive music

Hailing from Detroit, Hellmouth is a band that came to life after vocalist Jay Navarro’s previous group The Suicide Machines collapsed in a heap in 2006.

I never followed the band or their members too closely and as a consequence have missed their fierce output.  Better late than never right?

This album is the closing chapter to a trilogy of albums by the band. Starting in 2009 with Destroy Everything, Worship Nothing and followed with Gravestone Skylines in 2010. Hellmouth is openly aggressive music, like black/death metal fed through a filter of hardcore punk, but not of the typical ‘rise above’ positive kind. Opening the album artwork you are presented with the words ‘You Are Still Fucked’ in large gold print. This is modern music for trouble times indeed. It doesn’t offer up much hope for society’s ills or mankind as a whole.

Hellmouth opens up with absolute venom on this album, and maintain whatever rage is fuelling their fire throughout. Only track four ‘Blood Fire’ breaks the 3 minute mark, surrounded by swirly drums and piercing guitars. Look to stand out tracks like ‘Fecal Parasite’ Fuck Your Gods’ or the pure aggression of ‘Fighting Off The Wolves’ that is in and out in 28 seconds, only matched by the grindcore-like ‘Leaving Us Empty’ that holds the end of the album up well.

This is one of those bands that I may have foolishly over looked due to the members’ previous bands. And it was a mistake. I urge you not to make the same error.

1. Welcome to the Undertow
2. Fighting Off the Wolves
3. Filthy Seed
4. Blood Fire
5. One Million Hells
6. Dementia From the Vine
7. Fecal Parasite
8. Coliseum Oblivio
9. Dead in the Dirt
10. Snakes of Change
11. Grey Turns Black
12. Fuck Your Gods
13. Hands as Cold as Death
14. Leaving Us Empty
15. Blossoming in Blight
16. Pathetic Bullshit