Good thrash done well

From the silly but somehow fitting album art to wild songs about getting drunk, Adelaide three piece Hidden Intent bring a pleasing degree of street-level, flanno-wearing bogan to their fast and heavy thrash-groove attack.

Going against the grain of spooky intro and horror movie samples, Hidden Intent just thrash out from the opening moment, A Place of Horror sounding remarkably like a lost Mortal Sin track with gang vocals, ringing bass lines and a middle-eight chug section. Breaking Point adds a little Seps-like groove before ending with an extended outro of layered clean guitars.

After that it’s back to straight-up thrash, Artillery’s guitar team Michael Stützer and Kræn Meier adding some six-string violence to the title track. Further on We Are the End of Us heads in a modern groove metal direction that’s pulled back by the unashamed Slayer worship of Succumb to the Violence. In between, Hidden Intent go fully bogan with an ode to the weekend Aussie piss-up, Get a Dog Up Ya and a punkish take on The Chats’ beer-barn anthem Pub Feed.

Like a lot of modern thrash bands Hidden Intent wear their influences pretty brazenly but unlike many of them, they don’t just head off in the one direction and the clear bass lines and use of gang shouts gives them a distinctive sound of their own despite any comparisons one could make. Basically, it’s good thrash metal done well, and who doesn’t like that?

  1. A Place of Horror
  2. Breaking Point
  3. Dead End Destiny
  4. Forgotten Fate
  5. Get a Dog Up Ya
  6. We Are the End of The World
  7. Pub Feed (Bonus)
  8. Succumb to the Violence
  9. Altar of Sacrifice (Bonus)