One more feather in the cap

Hypocrisy  have been releasing high quality albums of melodic death metal since the early 90s, striking a rich vein of crazy alien-based content on third album The Fourth Dimension in 1994, and riding that horse all the way to this newest release. 

After waiting eight years since their last release, the acoustic opening of the title track builds before bursting forth to show that none of the bite has been lost in the intervening years. With the next few tracks it is obvious that Peter Tagtgren and his mates are merely interested in telling stories of alien overlords that abduct people and generally create chaos. This album is focused on the current social conscience.

Chemical Whore takes on the pharmaceutical industry with particular focus on the ever growing opiate issues that continue to create addicts around the world, whilst Greedy Bastards is an open attack on the class driven society. Everyone from politicians to CEOs are in the firing line as the band focus on a moody slow drive, helping the lyrical content come through with a clarity that isn’t always the main focus in Hypocrisy’s story telling lyrics.

Sometimes cloaked by their beloved alien conspiracies, the attack on society ills are the focal point, making Worship closest to their 2005 album Virus, another full frontal assault on society but now the curtain has been completely dropped. Some of this attitude can come off as tinfoil hat conspiracies, aided by the fact that the world has been forced to sit still for two years and counting. Tracks such as Brotherhood of the Serpent and Bug in the Net don’t alleviate this feeling, but the melodies and heaviness driving everything are so good, there’s no need to put too much thought into the lyrics.

This is one more feather in the cap of a band that is yet to really drop the ball. If you are already a fan of the band, you know how good this is. New fans should buckle up and tighten the tinfoil hat because this is as good a spot as any to start the journey.

1. Worship
2. Chemical Whore
3. Greedy Bastards
4. Dead World
5. We’re the Walking Dead
6. Brotherhood of the Serpent
7. Children of the Gray
8. Another Day
9. They Will Arrive
10. Bug in the Net
11. Gods of the Underground