A dark feast of sorrow and doom

Illimitable Dolor were responsible for some of the most soul-crushing doom in recent years on their 2017 debut release. With the impending second album due later this month, the band has united with fellow Blue Mountains doom monger Promethean Misery for a four-track split release.

Illimitable’s contributions ring with the same leaden gloom that inhabited the self-titled album. So close in pace and atmospherics that both songs seem like mirrors of each other, the lyrics here take a less-cryptic turn than previously. Unlike the abstract broken poetry of the previous release, these are odes to nature spirits and powerful goddesses. The rumbling, agonisingly slow riffs and scathing vocals almost the antithesis of the tone of the lyrics, evoking the sense of struggle of the titular characters as they rise to eventual victory.

Promethean Misery is the solo outing for Cruciform’s Samantha Kempster, with these tracks adding to a growing roster that now includes two EPs and two albums. With their heightened use of melody and atmosphere, these tracks are perhaps even more doleful than those found on the first half of the disc, songs of harrowing beauty and wretchedness. Certainly, the lyrics are far gloomier, painting pictures of morbidity and darkness reflecting Promethean Misery’s soul-crushing musical aura, a soundtrack from a dark night of the soul.

This limited-edition split is a dark feast of sorrow and melancholic doom from two of the country’s finest exponents of musical gloom.

  1. Kitsuni – Illimitable Dolor
  2. Tamtu – Illimitable Dolor
  3. Mind at Wrest – Promethean Misery
  4. Shadow Fell and Followed – Promethean Misery