An ambitious and auspicious release

Sydney’s Intrøspect is another in a strong clutch of newer modern prog bands raising their hands on this country’s increasing vibrant scene.

With influences as far afield as Northlane, Evanescence and deep trance, Intrøspect plunge the listener into a cerebral and emotional journey into existentialism with their second release.

Prefaced by a sweeping soundscape overlaid with Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot speech, Mjolnir then arrives with a rush of turbulent djent riffs soon joined by the ethereal voice of Felicity Jayne, the band piling on the layers until Liam McDonald from Infinite Illusion drops some punishing growls to crank up the heaviness factor. Itomori is the opposite side of the coin,  vocals floating over cosmic, spacey synths and atmospherics with keys and a smooth sax solo cruising to a crashing crescendo of choppy riffing, Jayne’s voice soaring above. It’s almost cinematic in the dramatic way it unfolds.

The Wisdom of Mountains combines all facets of Intrøspect’s musical personality, surging from quieter moments to brief explosions of heavy guitar; similarly, the EP ends in a fittingly cinematic fashion with the ebb and flow of Star’s End building to another climactic ending, again the contrast of Jayne’s ringing tones and the crashing guitars and pounding drums being a strong hallmark of their style.

Midnight Sun is an ambitious and auspicious release that foreshadows true excellence to come.

  1. Cosmic Arena
  2. Mjolnir
  3. Itomori
  4. The Wisdom of Mountains
  5. Leap of Faith
  6. Star’s End