The epitome of eerie, dark and haunting doom

Inverloch features two members of famed Melbourne act diSEMBOWELMENT , and their debut long-player is both an extension of and a departure from the work of that band.

Distance|Collapsed opens a new chapter in a legacy that has resonated through the metal underground since 1993.

The disturbing atmosphere of Transcendence into the Peripheral is echoed in the ominous off-key notes lilting across the creeping riff and tomb-throated vocals of ‘From the Eventide Pool’. It’s also there in the baleful, malevolent aura that surrounds the epic ‘The Empyrean Torment’ as it rises slab-like out of the swirling, drone in the tail end of ‘Lucid Delirium’. But Inverloch use more dynamic shifts and a little less murk than d:, with monolithic, glacial riffs that suddenly churn with grind-like intensity. Drums roll like thunder and vocals gurgle like some crawling, nebulous horror through a haze of amorphous decrepitude, some lurking soul-sucking evil ready to drag its victim down into fetid depths of unspeakable, gibbering terror.

Overall, Inverloch don’t quite create the same level of unease as the band they grew from on Distance|Collapsed, conjuring instead something that both mirrors the past and establishes a new direction, but they come as close as anyone is likely to. From the atom-smashing, devastating-causing opening riff of ‘Distance Collapsed (in Rubble)’ to the final notes, this is the epitome of eerie, dark and haunting doom.

1. Distance Collapsed (in Rubble)
2. From the Eventide Pool
3. Lucid Delirium
4. The Empyrean Torment
5. Cataclysm of Lacuna
6. Within Frozen Beauty
7. The Menin Road
8. Shadows of the Flame