Music that will have you bouncing off the walls

Do you miss the chaotic feedback of bands such as The Chariot?  If the answer is yes, then Ithaca are the band for you.  Hailing from the currently over achieving U.K. hardcore scene the band make chaotic hardcore all their own on their first full length release with music that will have you bouncing off the walls like a kid all sugared up at a party on the bouncy castle.

After a short feedback driven introduction, Ithaca show instantly they are not here to pull punches on ‘New Covenant’, lurching about through a loud quiet dynamic that does its best to take the air from your lungs before forcing it all back in.

This is a formula Ithaca use to great effect throughout, pulling unexpectedly from riff to riff on a bed of noise rock inspired hardcore, reaching its zenith on ‘Slow Negative Order’ and the title track. Both see the band trying to take a small step back from the whirlwind of their own making b y injecting small parts of clean vocal and more prominent melodic moments.

The Language of Injury doesn’t outstay its welcome (a bit like this overly short review), with the 30 minute runtime fleshed out in the middle by ‘(No Translation)’, a short introspective musical piece that feels as though it is there to show that the band isn’t just all chaos. Even with this small musical infraction, you’re left wanting more of whatever is going on here, so restart the album and get back to it.


  1. New Covenant
  2. Impulse Crush
  3. Secretspace
  4. Slow Negative Order
  5. (no Translation)
  6. The Language of Injury
  7. Clsr.
  8. Youth vs. Wisdom
  9. Gilt
  10. Better Abuse