Another solid effort from the Colorado natives

Sometimes it’s hard to believe many bands are able to survive the ever changing times and the various genre popularity peaks and valleys.

In the case of Jag Panzer, they have delivered 30 proud years of power metal and show no signs of stopping with their latest release The Scourge of the Light.

It has been a long while between albums and “Condemned to Fight” sets the pace with a high tempo groove, intricate guitar harmonies/lead work and a dominant, powerful voice and one hell of a performance from frontman Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin.

Delving into the remainder of the album, you can hear how Jag Panzer have progressed over the years as musicians and composers. There is a little bit of everything flying from every direction ranging from pure power metal in “Let it Out” and the epic closer “The Book of Kells”, mid tempo rockers such as “Bringing on the End”, “Union” and “The Setting of the Sun”, NWOBHM-esque cuts like “Overlord” and “A Call to Arms” and a hybrid of catchy composition and a metal edge in the high octane “Cycles” that shows off lead guitarist Christian LaSague’s fretboard skills with a blistering solo.

The Scourge of the Light is another solid effort from the Colorado natives. It covers the bases of their core sound with some positive deviations infused along the way. As long as they stick to their guns and keep doing what they know, they will satisfy their existing fanbase and possibly gain some new ones along the way.

1. Condemned to Fight
2. The Setting of the Sun
3. Bringing to an End
4. Call to Arms
5. Cycles
6. Overlord
7. Let it Out
8. Union
9. Burn
10. The Book of Kells