Hatebreed main man sneaks out another solo album

Released on his own label in an attempt to keep this album as D.I.Y. as he can, Jamey Jasta has released an album of music he has had up his sleeve for some time.  With tracks co-written by Doc Coyle (ex-God Forbid) and Mark Morton (Lamb of God) this should make for an interesting listen.

Starting out like a Hatebreed album, ‘This Is Your Life’ jumps out with its heavy opening riff and Jasta’s recognisible vocal style leaving a feeling that this is just a leftover from his day job. Second track ‘Parasitic’ sees the band trying a heavier metal direction, with Jasta trying to push his clean vocals and lower register a bit more, feeling more like a proper change in style but something fans of his other band may not necessarily take to straight away.

The next stand out is ‘Back to What Matters’ with a very clean guitar intro pushing the song into interesting territory until the vocals come in. From here the first verse sinks to standard hardcore with a solid clean vocal pre-chorus. It doesn’t feel like a Hatebreed leftover, but it does feel very generic after the great guitar intro.

‘Chasing Demons’ is easily the biggest stand out on the album. Howard Jones (Devil You Know, ex-Killswitch Engage) stars with his clean baritone holding the chorus down in a song that is everything this album attempts to achieve. Part metal, part hardcore and all positive. From here the album doesn’t outstay its welcome only hanging around for a couple more tracks and finishing with the Dio-era Black Sabbath cover ‘Buried Alive’ that finds Jasta really stretching his clean vocal abilities, particularly in the high register. For a vocalist not known for his clean singing, he does a great job.

This album is more an album for the fans. If you fall into that category, you will find satisfaction in this album. Otherwise, you may find one or two gems, but I doubt it will hold your attention beyond the few curiosities it holds within.

1. This is Your Life
2. Parasitic
3. Same Flame
4. Back to What Matters
5. Until We Bleed Again
6. Chasing Demons
7. The Immortal
8. Deadly Business
9. Buried Alive