Atmospheric, Zeppelin-accented rock

With Sarah Palin and her kooky cohorts ruining the legacy of The Tea Party with their unhinged shenanigans, Jeff Martin delved deep into his extensive knowledge of arcane lore and found a name for his latest musical outlet it in the work of Aleister Crowley.

The Ground Cries Out is the debut release for Jeff Martin 777, a three piece combo of which the other elements are Sleepy Jackson alumni J Cortez and Malcolm Clark.

Those familiar with The Tea Party’s work won’t find any huge surprises here. A supremely confident individual, Martin already knows what works for him and hasn’t felt the need to reinvent himself or contemporise to appeal to a market. The Ground Cries Out follows his signature style of atmospheric, Zeppelin-accented rock and exotic, Oriental instrumentation.

The title track instantly puts the listener on familiar terrain. Over a darkly textured, Asian-flavoured musical background, Martin weaves his tales of mysticism and sex with that rich, sensual baritone. Amongst the layered bombast of “Santeria”and “The Cobra”, the Led Zeppelin like “Queen of Spades” and the blues-tinged rocker “Riverland Rambler” there are delicate instrumentals like the Katoomba-inspired “Blue Mountain Sun”, the moody ballad “She’s Leaving” and the sincerely beautiful “One Star in Sight” that easily ranks with Martin’s best. While he really isn’t exploring vast new musical territory, The Ground Cries Out should dispel any lingering idea he somehow lost his way on Seven Circles. This album continues Jeff Martin’s tradition for excellence and will certainly please his incredibly loyal following.

1.  The Ground Cries Out
2. Queen of Spades
3. She’s Leaving
4. The Cobra
5. 1916
6. The Meekong
7. One Star in Sight
8. Blue Mountain Sun
9. Santeria
10. Riverland Rambler
11. The Pyre