A well-rounded album of stoner/desert rock

Australia has a pretty strong tradition when it comes to stoner and desert rock bands and Perth four piece Jupiter Zeus are another solid addition to the field.

Years ago two of these dudes were in a unit called Nebula who added an extra dimension to their groove metal with twin vocals and some sustained harmonies, and here the band spice up their sound with a psychedelic element. ‘Cosmic Rays’ is the best example of this with its very spacey aspect but it’s not an isolated occurrence as Jupiter Zeus weave this influence into their wide desert vistas throughout.

‘Waves’ and ‘Over’ set the tone early, a pair of pretty epic openers highlighted by big, slow grooves and mountainous riffs, with Simon Staltari’s morose vocals evoking a Smiths-like vibe. Indeed, if there is one criticism of this band, it’s that the vocals are somewhat one-dimensional, although Jupiter Zeus isn’t alone in that area when it comes to this style of rock. ‘Cosmic Rays’ offers a more upbeat and, as mentioned, psychedelic side to the band and tracks like ‘Psychotic Seeds’ and ‘Co-Creators’ take them into a direction defined by the likes of Soundgarden and Alice in Chains. ‘Waiting in a Line’ brings out the drone under-current of On Earth and pushes it to the fore, helping to crystalise the quartet’s original approach. With great soloing and dynamic use of harmonies, Jupiter Zeus have crafted a well-rounded album of stoner/desert rock.
1. Waves
2. Over
3. Cosmic Rays
4. I Am
5. Psychotic Seeds
6. Talkback Caller
7. Divinity
8.  The Sum of
9. Co-Creators
10. Waiting in a Line
11. State of Mind