The Sabs’ legacy is in good hands

Black Sabbath’s carnival ride is soon to be over, but have no fear. With their combination of savvy song writing and catchy hooks, Kadavar stand as one of the better candidates ready to fill the breech the old Brummie campaigners will soon leave.

The Deutsch rifflords’ third album is a logical bridge between Sabotage and Blues for the Red Sun, laden with psychedelic fuzz tones, enormous hooky grooves and Lupus Lindemann’s trippy, Ozzy-influenced vocals. The problem with emulation is that sometimes you can get a little bit too close to your influences for comfort: opener ‘Lord of the Sky’ sounds a lot like ‘Hole in the Sky’ and there’s a very ‘Crazy Train’ vibe that comes through pretty loudly in ‘Stolen Dreams’, but elsewhere they are careful to weave their own individual flair into their songs so that they don’t come off as pure regurgitation. Kadavar colour their palette with other sounds too – ‘See The World With Your Own Eyes’ is a very credible early Stones-like rocker and they finish with a spaced-out Nico cover that further enhances the psychedelic feel as well as being a perfect note to round out an album called Berlin. With albums like this making the rounds, the Sabs’ legacy is in good hands.

1. Lord of the Sky
2. Last Living Dinosaur
3. Thousand Miles Away from Home
4. Filthy Illusion
5. Pale Blue Eyes
6. Stolen Dreams
7. The Old Man
8. Spanish Wild Rose
9. See the World With Your Own Eyes
10. Circles in My Mind
11. Into the Night
12. Reich der Träume